About LiveBettingGoal

The general principle behind ‘live betting goal’ is that you can place your bets on any soccer event once the game has started. we deal with over goal bets.
I have a system for evaluating inplay/live bet games specifically soccer/football. The main work of this software is Over 0.5 goal, Over 1.5 goals, Over 2.5 goals and Over 3.5 goals in the First Half. We call it Live Betting Goal
This system has worked for more than 3 years that I have benefited from it. Live betting has many advantages, if you have a suitable strategy you get a good profit. Nearly 90% of people are losing and lose more every day! So, I decided to create Live Betting Goal to TRY and help you
I believe I offer my clients the best service around. I tip daily which can come at any time of the day as long as I spot something good and focus on football/soccer sport and do all the work so you the client does not have too.
I use a mixture of statistical websites and personal knowledge apart from relying on the system when researching a bet.
If you have followed me on my telegram pubic Channel am sure you noticed I am a trustworthy tipster, not just in my tips but as a human being. There are a lot of scammers out there and as someone who runs a premium paid member service its vital that you are able to trust me before investing any money on Live Betting Goal services and that is why I keep VIP profit/loss sheet(P/L) with all my results because I have nothing to hide so that when you decide to subscribe to my services, you will join with realistic expectations and will not be disappointed when the reality sinks in that bets do lose sometimes, because they do happen, it is a part of gambling and that’s the reason I explain my strategy on Rules/guidance so you can stay on profit in the long term.

“Only those who play win.
Only those who risk win.
History favors risk-takers”
Important Tips